Campaign platforms are outdated

All of our present Council members campaigned, and were elected, in pre-COVID-19 conditions and on pre-COVID-19 platforms. I hardly need mention that things have changed since COVID-19.

Recovering to some “new normal” would be a fine time to restructure the City’s policies and practices regarding growth. That certainly involves having Council set up pro-active listening sessions with the public, as might be embodied in open forum session in the Vance Brand auditorium and in questionnaires distributed with utility bills.

Sooner is better than later; we are just coming out of COVID-19-induced hibernation, and we are already beginning to see candidates sniffing at the Council seats that will be filled in November’s election.

Growth is a prime issue for the upcoming election, but let’s attack it now so that candidates will have time to develop their candidacy. Then the election will test them on the growth issue.